Red Tour: Chicago, Illinois

Taylor performed last night in Chicago, Illinois at the Soldier Field, the last stadium show of the summer! For the surprise song, Taylor performed “Fearless“.

No professional photos were released yet, but we have some great fan photos thanks to Check them out in our gallery! We also added photos from the meet & greet and photos from the club red, where she met some fans before the show.

All Too Well | Begin Again | Everything Has Changed

Taylor Swift struck a great balance between stadium-size production and maturing talent during her sold-out show at Soldier Field on Saturday, where fireworks, pyrotechnics, dancers, myriad costume changes and drummers hoisted into the air added visual spectacle during her set. Swift’s material and her confidence has grown strong enough to stand on its own, with the added peripherals simply serving as bonuses within the set.

Few recent artists have pulled off crossover appeal as successfully as the chart-dominating Swift. And there’s good reason for that: Swift has the affable, relatable onstage personality and malleable voice to transcend genre constraints. Virtually eschewing most traces of her country beginnings, both at her show on Saturday and with her recent album “Red,” Swift has transformed from girlish teenage singer-songwriter to pop sensation. Her expansion into new music territory was likely not that much of a surprise to her fans; prior to “Red’s” release she had been inviting artists such as Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber to make unannounced appearances at her shows to perform with her, and she’s continued to do so during the “Red” tour.

Swift’s Chicago performance was the final stadium stop scheduled on this leg of her “Red” run, and though it was void of surprise guests, opener Ed Sheeran (whose earlier excellent set commanded the full-house crowd’s attention) joined her on a second stage. The two duetted their co-written tune “Everything Has Changed” before Swift’s endearing deliveries of “Begin Again” and “Sparks Fly.”

Swift genre-hopped throughout her performance, from lovelorn ballads to dancier numbers, most of which focused on romantic, lovelorn (the yearning “Red” and the girl-group-styled “You Belong With Me”), empowerment (“Mean”) and youthful celebration (the anthemic “22”) themes, all of which could garner a PG-rating and likely scored points with the parents accompanying their kids to the show. She effortlessly transitioned from the dubstep-tipped, club banger “I Knew You Were Trouble” to the piano-led, bittersweet “All Too Well,” helping the style jumps along with some confessional banter between tunes throughout her set. Sometimes her conversations ran long, though, and while that gave an intimate vibe, it also slowed down the momentum of the show. Thankfully, her costume changes (which ranged from casual shorts and T-shirt pairings to glittery, glamorous dresses and a rip-away gown that revealed a sparkly black shorts outfit underneath) were quick and rarely disrupted the flow of the show.

And while Swift is not the most powerful singer — her voice intermittently lost strength here and there during her performance — her confidence, showmanship and personality superseded it. Swift has abandoned the aw-shucks surprised looks that once populated her shows, and embraced the fan adoration, whether she was leading the mostly teen-tween female crowd through sing-alongs on cue, strutting runway-style around the circular catwalk at the front of the main stage during “State Of Grace,” switching between several instruments, or eliciting a stadium-wide cheer by giving a simple side glance at the audience during “All Too Well.”

The night ended with the exuberant “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” a song about breaking up with someone not worthwhile forever. It was a mantra befitting her resolute performance.


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